Our Lunch Date At Tortilla Flats

Sunday consisted of a much needed little getaway! Dennis knew I had never been to the infamous Tortilla Flats and suggested we take a trip out there for lunch. It was about an hour drive from our home in Tempe and it was BEAUTIFUL. There are lots of little stops you can make along the drive for some instagram-worthy pictures, one of which we stopped at that was a legit lookout spot. (He knows me so well!) The area looked right over a portion of Canyon Lake.

We thought we might actually get rained out-it had rained pretty hard the night before and earlier in the morning BUT it honestly turned out to be the most beautiful day with all of the clouds and shadows it casted along the mountains when we were driving.


Tortilla Flats is just a few buildings along the side of a mountain with a restaurant, an ice cream/fudge shop, a gift shop, and a little history “museum” building. It might sound underwhelming, but it was so dang cool! It was quaint, humble, and had so much history behind it. It didn’t hurt that the restaurant had some of the best burgers & the ice cream shop didn’t disappoint either!

One of the most interesting parts of the restaurant was the inside walls. Literally EVERY inch of the interior space is covered with one dollar bills! I’m not exaggerating either-every inch! There were some from just a few months ago and others from decades ago. Dennis told me that if you totaled up the entire interior dollar bill covered walls it would total way over $40,000! Like what?! Coolest thing ever. There were saddles for bar stools, crisp fresh bottles of cider, and fun live music on the patio. Overall, it was just a feel good place to be.


On our way back we decided to stop at Goldfield. A little more touristy with people dressed up for pictures, more gift shops, an old church, some shooting games, etc. To be honest, everything seemed a littttle bit overpriced, like any of the picture opportunities or games you could play, but it was still a great ending to our little road trip/lunch date!


I managed to score some amazing green and white agate book ends, because duh how could I pass them up, at the gift shop voted “best priced gift shop in Arizona”. I mean I wouldn’t go that far but the book ends I picked up weren’t outrageous by any means! We walked around for a bit there because the weather just could not be beat that day! It was so amazing, along with the views of the Superstition Mountain behind Goldfield. P.S. if you haven’t hiked the Superstition Mountain, I highly recommend it! Not too bad of a hike with beautiful views of the valley!


If I were to score up our cute lunch date road trip I’d definitely give it a 10/10. Great job planning this one, babe!

(To those who aren’t from Arizona reading this & wanting to add this to your sight seeing for your vacation out here, I’d definitely suggest coming in the cooler months because everything is basically outdoors!)

I’m working on some book review posts now and those will definitely be in the near future! Comment if you’d like me to incorporate book discussions/questions along with my review so we could all chat about the books post-review together and interact more!

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