Book Review: “Slammed” Series

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I am SO excited to be sharing my first book review with all of you! (I briefly shared here why I began my blog and the book that influenced that, but that wasn’t as in depth of a review as I’ll normally be posting!) I chose to go with one of my all time favorite book SERIES! So that way when you’ve finish the first book and are already missing these fictional characters that seem like your best friends, there are not one, but TWO more books for you to indulge in. You can thank me later!


Colleen Hoover holds a special place in my heart. She’s the author that re-introduced me to my love of reading. I have always been interested in books and read on and off growing up but not like this. I’m HOOKED on all things literature now because of her. You can even ask Dennis: my attention is definitely divided between him and a new good book! Haha

Some of the basics of Slammed, book one of three, to get grab your attention!

  • Layken, 18, moves to a new town with her mother and little brother, after the sudden death of her father.
  • Will is hew new, older, good looking neighbor who introduces her to the world of slam poetry & Layken is hooked: on both him and the world of slam poetry
  • They realize something destructible between them and their whole relationship changes, beginning a roller coaster emotions and a string of heartbreak

One of my favorite things about this series, that I actually realized was Colleen Hoover’s “style” after I continued to read more of her books(which is even better!) is that she writes the book by going back and forth between the characters. There’s a chapter from Layken’s point of view, then Will’s. This goes back and forth so the dialogue is so much more interactive! Sometimes other supporting characters are included within the story too if their point of view comes into play! Because of this, I feel like you get such a clear idea of who each character is. Overall, it makes the character development much stronger.

“I go to him and kneel on the couch in front of him, placing my hands on top of his. “Your responsibilities should come before me, which is why I want to wait for you, Will. You’re a good person. This thing about you that you think is your flaw – it’s the reason I’m falling in love with you.”

Slammed, Colleen Hoover

The suspense that Colleen Hoover created in this ping-pong like back and forth relationship between Lake & Will is done masterfully. Even though the twist is introduced relatively quickly in the book (which I actually loved) it left for more time to power through the rest of their story. Will has such a hard decision to make, not only for himself, but for his little brother as well. He really has to find a balance between head and heart. Throughout the book you see Will mature as a character and good lord you just fall in love with him!!

Can you tell I think these characters are like my besties after I reach each book? It’s insane, but that’s what good writing will do to ya! I think I read this series in like less than a week. I was reading NON-STOP with these bad boys! I couldn’t put the book down each time I started to read.

Slammed Series

I don’t want to give too much away for Point of Retreat, and reading the back of the book before reading book one might give away some spoilers too. So I’ll just leave a quick link here & a quick snippet below.

point of retreat

Book three is another reason I feel in love with Colleen Hoover as an author. As if you didn’t already love Will already, you see an even kinder side to him and makes you pull for their unique relationship.

this girl

Overall if I were to score these books it’d be as follows:
Slammed: 10/10!!!!!
Zero bad things to say-read it read it read it!
Point of Retreat: 8/10
Again, don’t want to give too much away, but a few (seriously only a FEW!) aspects seemed a little bit over-dramatic and unrealistic!
This Girl: 10/10 
Will’s point of view is EV-ER-E-THING

“So you keep your ocean, I’ll take the Lake.”

Slammed, Colleen Hoover

That basically wraps up my FIRST official book review! So, not only can Colleen Hoover write the crap out of a book, but she can create some pretty legit slam poetry to go along with it! I’d love it if y’all would consider reading this series that’s near and dear to my heart (at least read Slammed, it’s SO worth it!).  & if you’ve already read the Slammed series and want more of Colleen Hoover, click HERE for a full list of her books, in order, too! You can find It Ends With Us there as well, a book I previously spoke a little bit about.

Also, if you all have any recommendations of books please please please comment and send them my way! I love expanding my library and increasing the diversity of what I read.

Stay tuned for some more fun content on the way & thank you as always for tuning in and sharing my passion for reading today!

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