March Book Review: The Summer House!

The Summer House was one of my March Reads & it is a quintessential summer read-so if you’re in the market to build up your vacation reading list for the summer, do yourself a favor and throw The Summer House on your list right now-you can purchase it here! Seriously, you’ll thank me later!

At first, you think The Summer House will turn out being the typical famous, affluent, handsome playboy who has never been tied down end up dating the down home girl next door who was the only girl able to “tame” him. His family won’t accept her, she feels out of place, blah blah blah. You know how the story goes! However, once I started reading along and seeing Jenny Hale’s plot thicken, I quickly realized my predictions were wrong, thank the lord! I mean I still can enjoy that plot line every once in a while, but it can be pretty redundant sometimes. So, seeing Jenny Hale go down a different path with her story gave me all the feels.

SUMMER HOUSE JENNY HALEYou learn all of the ins and outs of Luke Sullivan. He is kind, vulnerable, honest, charming, and most of all relatable even though he comes from a high-profile family. The press has simply painted a different, poor, picture of him. Then there’s Callie who is all things weary, reserved, and most of all scared (especially to open up to Luke). When she interacts with Luke, he, on the other hand, has no trouble talking to her about anything and everything, it’s actually pretty cute. Jenny Hale’s character development is done so so well-I’ll probably mention this a few times because I appreciated it so much!

Processed with VSCO with s1 presetWhen Callie connects with an old soul and pieces together a huge secret involving Luke, and I mean HUGE, she realizes she can’t keep this from him-as hard as she tries. I think this speaks to her character and the development of her character that Jenny Hale created so well. Although Callie’s reserved and scared to fully open up to Luke, she has a heart of gold and realizes she can’t keep secrets from him-which is when she realizes she’s falling for him, too.

How Hale connects all of the dots, using her plot momentum to string everything together is done beautifully and effortlessly. Along with how she chooses for everyone to discuss the huge secret that is exposed, how Luke handles it, is just pure freakin’ genius. It’s all perfectly synchronized in a way that makes the reading fly by.

The Summer House is the epitome of a summer read. Jenny Hale is a natural story-teller.I also emailed her after I finished and she got back to me SO quick & also let me know she is releasing another book in the next few months that I’ll definitely have to get my hands on!

Processed with VSCO with s1 presetIn my opinion, The Summer House could use a sequel! Detailing Callie & Luke’s life, her best friend Olivia’s life, and other key characters! If anyone else has read The Summer House-let me know if you feel the same!?

Anytime I can snag a book taking place in North Carolina, I do! Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with North Carolina (don’t ask me how or why, I’m just obsessed!) & this book fulfilled my North Carolina fix, that’s for sure! I mean look at the cover alone-it’s beautiful!

Processed with VSCO with s1 presetI was also happy to pick this book up because one part of our big summer plans involve us FINALLY paying a visit to North Carolina!!!!

I’ll be doing a blog post soon detailing some of our fun summer plans-so stay tuned! Excited to finally dive into the “travel” portion of my blog! Comment if you’ve read any other quintessential summer books! I’m also working on some fun content and plans for more of my hostessing section, mainly just waiting for the house move to take place first! 

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