Our 2018 East Coast Road Trip!

I can FINALLY officially chat about part of our late summer 2018 plans!


I am soooo excited to finally announce/blog about part of our summer plans!! I’ve been working so hard on planning everything out, financially and logistically, that it makes blogging about it that much more fulfilling! We’ve officially set everything in stone: the flights, car rental accommodations, everything! (We have another huge trip actually in May but I’ll get into that later!)

Basically how this idea began was one afternoon in February, Den & I were walking the dogs and he looked at me and said “It would be fun to do a trip to New York this summer, rent a car, and hit up the beach” and from there I was instantly sold. Den grew up on Long Island and his sister and sister in law live there today. I’ve visited once with him back in October of 2016 and just fell in love with it all! So after he had mentioned that my gears started turning and we turned it into a larger trip time wise so we could visit a few other places, too. I mapped out probably like 10000 different routes, ideas, drive times, months to do this in, etc. I feel like I went through every possible option of how we could make this happen. It actually all ended up coming together pretty quickly, probably because I spent SO much time on it so often.

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Some quick details of our trip include:

Travel Month: July (Hot, yes! But we wanted heat for our beach stops!)
Time Length: 16 days
Starting City: Hilton Head, South Carolina
Ending City: Providence, Rhode Island
Total Stops: 8 (two stops in Rhode Island: Newport & Providence)

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We had a budget we wanted to stick to-which I’ll be posting ways we stuck to that and how we saved a ton of money and tips/tricks to go along! & figuring out what places we wanted to stop at along the way was one that took some time nailing down. I have some fun content following this but for now I at least wanted to announce part of our summer plans so if anyone had questions now I can include them in future posts about our trip! Stay tuned for a budget tips and tricks post, an itinerary post, and an overall HOW to plan this beast of a road trip!

What favorite summer road trips have you all been on?! Even though I’ve been gathering information, recommendations, and ideas of what to do when we visit these cities, I’d love any and all other recommendations! So comment below or email me if you have any MUST see places!

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