5 Ways To Make Your Party More Personal & Less Stressful!

more personal less stressfulSo planning and hosting a party can be tough & I thought talking about a few tips and tricks that I used to helped take the personality of our get together to the next level without completely stressing myself out would be some good content for you all! These 5 easy ways will seriously make such a difference! & if you have any other tips, send them my way! Leave a comment, DM me, anything! I always love getting additional help to take away any and all stress when it comes to hosting!

I’ve linked everything I used (where I could find it) in each section when I talk about them so it’s easier for you to just click & go!

1-BOXED DESSERTS: You guys have NO idea how many people asked me if I made my desserts for the dessert table from scratch. But nope! Good old boxed cake mix for cupcakes was such a life saver that added a personal element. I made them the night before & stored them in an air-tight container at room temperature to then decorate the next day. *Tip: Let your cupcakes cool at least a full hour before storing them or else the tops get too sticky to frost the next day! But the reason why everyone thought I made them from scratch is because of the cupcake liners, toppers, and how I piped the frosting. Homemade frosting is seriously so easy to make so that’s the route that I went but using store bought frosting is just as good, too! Even less stressful! Once I knew I was doing a fiesta/mexican themed party, I started out on the hunt for any and everything related to that. I found these adorable cactus toppers from Amazon, along with the rainbow cupcake liners for an added touch. Honestly, the toppers were probably the one thing I’d recommend out of all for adding a personal touch and keeping it SO easy! I mean you just stick those things in on top at the end and boom…you’re done! Even if you wanted to buy cupcakes pre-made at the store, these toppers are still such a great addition to elevate your desserts!

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2-LIGHTING: In my opinion, you can never have enough candles, tea lights, string lights, anything! So anywhere I could add touches of ambiance, I did. We have a Ranch Market about 15 minutes away with tons of authentic food options-which is where we found the El Pato cans. Just empty out the sauce (the cans were .69 cents each, so nothing was breaking the bank here) and get some tea lights from the dollar store and pop them in. They gave off the PRETTIEST warm candlelight for each of the tables. Cleaning them out the night before definitely helps save on time and stress the day of. All I had to do was throw a light in and light them like 5 minutes before people started to arrive. Once the sun set and those bad boys came to life it was too dreamy. That combined with 300 feet of lights strung around our fence created the best vibes. We strung the lights early in the morning before it got too hot & it actually took way less time than I thought it would-mainly because my dad is a rockstar! We strung 3 100-foot strings of lights together to span our backyard fence. The total length was actually perfect! (We have had these lights for a while and used them at our previous house) I also purchase some LED lights (on sale at Michael’s Yay!) and put them in some class lanterns I found at Michael’s, too. We placed those on the table with all of the silverware, napkins, and plates.

3-FLOWERS: This one might be an obvious one, but I think that flowers make SUCH a huge difference. I think these sort of go hand in hand with good lighting like I mentioned above. I paid I think like $13 for a whole big bundle of baby’s breath and split it up for 7 tables. Because baby’s breath is so whimsical, I felt like you couldn’t really go wrong with how you cut and placed them in a mason jar or vase. Because I am by no means a florist or really have any idea what I’m doing when it comes to florals and floral arrangements! Haha but I did this at the same time as I put out and lit the table El Pato candles. This was honestly like a 10 minute project all together that added such a personal touch to the tables and I didn’t even break a sweat! (which is saying a lot for me, ha!)

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4-FINGER FOODS: Aside from the mini taco truck, we added a few other options for food. Everyone loves a good 5 layer dip but I wanted to make them into little mini options so it was easier for people to grab and go and also easier for clean up. I piped the ingredients in with a frosting bag so it made it that much easier. Seriously those icing piping bags are life savers. I purchased a box of 12(linked in sentence before) and used them for the cupcakes and the mini 5 layer dips. I did this the morning of the party, popped them back into the fridge, and brought them out 10 minutes before people arrived. I’m pretty sure people loved being able to just grab and go without scooping, looking for spoons, etc. Also, I think it helped cut down on wasting food. Most of the times when you make a large dip for people, you have quite a bit left over & especially with guacamole, it can go bad pretty quick. So another reason why this was a big stress reliever when it came to post-party clean up. & they turned out looking pretty cute, too. Throw a tortilla chip on top and they are ready to go. These probably took all of like 5 minutes to create-I am not even kidding!

5-POLAROID CAMERAS: I knew I wanted to use a mini polaroid camera to document as many memories as I could from the night so I laid out everything for people to take pictures & stick them into a guest book. The little pictures that come out are so cute & everyone definitely had fun with it throughout the party! Seeing everyones personal messages me to after was honestly so fun to see! *Tip: Find cute washi tape for your guests to stick the pictures onto the pages with instead of regular tape. It added even more of a personal touch!

  IMG_0658 IMG_0656

Overall, you can tell there’s a prettyyyy strong theme here of how I went about adding personal touches-to keep it as stress-free as possible! Most of these tips took less than 10 minutes to do and made such a difference. Plus they make for great pictures, too! Like I said before, if any of you have any other tips and tricks you follow I would LOVE to hear them! Enjoy these lifesavers & reach out with any pictures from your own personal parties, I’d love to see them!

I’m working on packing because we leave the country for TWO weeks soon & I haven’t even started getting things together-so wish me luck! Thank you all for reading along…until next time!

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