Away Travel: My First Impressions!

away.jpgSo it’s safe to say I loveee me some luggage. & I’ve seen Away Travel time and time again so I decided to finally pull the trigger and order a few pieces. Full disclosure: I actually ordered these a few months back as a little birthday present to myself. There are literally so many cute color combo options you can choose from, along with limited edition styles they roll out, too. I probably looked over each style and color for over a week before I pulled the trigger. Spoiler alert: I went with my tried and true color, NAVY! I wanted something classic, that would hide any future scuffs, and that still spoke to my style. I considered the light baby blue, but thought with the traveling I had coming up that it might get dirty too quickly.


Their packaging held up pretty great & it arrived so fast! I was shocked to come home one day and it had already arrived. It’s nice, too because they include a cloth “bag” that goes with your luggage to protect it even when it’s just being stored in a closet to prevent any other scuffs or anything. That was the first thing I noticed actually. It truly took the product to another level of luxury. It’s like when you buy a designer bag and they give you a cloth case to store it in-not that I’ve ever used those because I’m lazy, but still! You get the point!



I ended up ordering the “Large” & the “Bigger Carry On”. One of the big selling points for me was the charging port in the carry one cases. You can take out the charging battery and give that a re-charge whenever you need it, too!


I’ll be using these for our trip to AUSTRALIA!! However, I just realized that the Bigger Carry On actually is 2 inches too big for their carry on standards for some airlines we’ll be on. But I’m not sure how strict they are and what not. I’m willing to take the risk! (When I studied abroad in Ireland and traveled to other cities, I saw other airlines weren’t actually that strict with putting bags into the little dimension boxes to check their size, so I’m hoping Australia will be the same!)


Here’s a little break down of what my first impressions were:

Order to Door Time: 10/10 *SO QUICK!
Packing: 8/10 *They included a little bit of swag and thoughtfulness in the packaging, but I thought maybe it would have been a bit more stylish when you open it, like some companies do when they really include their brand’s personality throughout the entire packaging process
Durability: 9/10 *ONLY because I haven’t used these bad boys yet, give me four days then I’ll have a more detailed answer. But with the four wheels and hardshell case, you’re already a leg up when it comes through getting to the airport
Color: 10/10 *I am SO happy with my Navy choice. Sometimes when you order Navy online, it shows up at your door looking like a totally different shade than online, but that wasn’t the case here. Navy is just so classic I can’t help but be obsessed with it!
Informational Materials: 10/10 *This was a big one because the Big Carry On does include that travel charger and so having instructions on how to take that out, charge it, that it’s compatible with airlines rules and guidelines, etc. was huge. It took some stress out of the equation for me. (It also comes with a charging cable for your removable charger, too. So if that dies you have a way to recharge it)
Interior: 9/10 *Again, not a 10/10 because I haven’t packed with them yet, these are just my initial impressions! There were different zipper compartments, small bags for your shoes or dirty laundry, straps to secure your clothes and items in, it was all just very well thought out.


Overall, I love Away Luggage so far. We leave on our big trip in a few days and so I wanted to get my initial impressions out before I actually use the luggage to sort of look back on this after and reflect, too and give y’all an update!  One of my key take aways were that it’s an inexpensive alternative for luxury luggage. Brands like Tumi are wayyy more than double when it comes down to price. I actually found a promo code (I always search online to see what I can find before ordering things, because you usually can find something!) that took an extra $20 off. That on top of $45 off for purchasing a “set” was just too good to pass up! So now for the fun part…actually PACKING with these bad boys and traveling with them in hand.

Thanks for tuning in & if you don’t already follow Away on Instagram, you need to! They post some major swoon worthy pictures and feature their users, which is always fun to see! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to see a follow-up post vacation for an update on my Away Travel purchase! Thanks, lovies!

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