My Go-To Hair Products: Carry On Edition!

travel sizeOne of my best friends does my hair and she legit knocks it out of the park every. single. time. She is an incredible artist & an even better friend & mom! She introduced me to one of my favorite brands when it comes to hair care: IGK! So you’ll see me chat a little bit about that brand in addition to a few others. As I was starting to pack for our trip, I realized that I had ended up buying travel sizes of my go-to hair products. I figured I’d share these bad boys with you because they are SO good, like so so good!


So let’s start with my current obsession…IGK’s Mistress Hydrating Leave-In Balm & IGK’s Styling Primer! These are are part of their “Miami” line-they have other cities like LA, NY, etc. Each line has different scents. & I am seriously OBSESSED with the smell of the Miami products. When you find a product that actually works & smells even better, it’s a total win.

The Styling Primer is a mist spray you spray onto your damp hair after you wash it. It helps with smoothing out your hair and rehydrates it! I wish there was a scratch and sniff through social media, because the smell is to die for!

The Hydrating Leave In Balm is my next step for my post-shower hair. So ,y hair used to get super dry and then turn really static-y, it was a hot mess. So Jamie used this on my hair after she washed it. You rub it through damp hair before you blow dry and it gives it extra hydration & calms frizz-my problem areas!

Needless to stay, IGK has stolen my lil heart and I’m SO obsessed with all of their products and different lines.


If I want extraaaa hydration (usually around Winter), then I’ll add a small drop of the Moroccan Oil serum. But this is only sometimes, because if I don’t need it, then the extra oil can make my hair too greasy too quickly! But it’s been a go-to of mine for honestly years. Sometimes I’ll use this after my hair is dried, too to smooth out the ends if I need it.


After I’ve blown out my hair, used the products above, styled it with a curling iron, I like to give my hair some GRIT! So curls last longer and have more edge to them. Drybar products are legit amazing & I’ve used them for years now. The Triple Sec 3 in 1 adds the perfect amount of texture without drying out your hair. & again, it smells amazing. Seeing a trend here? I want my hair smelling like a dream!

& Drybar’s dry shampoo is a LIFE SAVER! I spray it on my roots and let it sit for a little bit to really set in so it dries. Then rub it into my roots and hair. Side note, I used the dry shampoo once for brunettes and I actually hated it because the color never blended in and anytime I’d touch my hair, my fingers would turn brown! It was a disaster. So now I just stick to the classic dry shampoo and blend it in with a washcloth (So I don’t re-introduce grease to my hair and scalp). Having this travel size buddy for your vacay is a dream come true-especially if you’re jam packed schedule doesn’t let you wash your hair as often as you’d like! I know it’ll be my lifesaver when we’re in Australia and on our East Coast Road Trip!


Last, Amika products in general are some of my favorites. I used their blow out spray for a while until I was introduced to IGK & honestly just liked the smell more so I stuck with it because both did wonders for my hair as far as the outcome! But having a travel sized hairspray that I love and that is workable is a huge plus for me while on vacation. I’ll probably throw this and my texture spray in my purse and give my hair a refresh every once in while when we’re on the go!

I’ve linked each product, too for y’all to click & go! Trust me, you’ll love these products. I have the full sizes of each of these products sitting in my bathroom, too. But I’m trying to get better at traveling “lighter”, hence why I’m going with the travel sizes!

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