July Book Review: The Summer Affair

Happy Hump Day everyone!! I hope you all are enjoying your Wednesday-we are that much closer to the weekend so YAY!

IMG_3342The book I decided on for my July Book Of The Month was The Summer Affair by Elin Hilderbrand and oh man, this one pulled at my heart strings, especially towards the end when Claire is figuring out how she wants her life to end up. I read most of it on our most recent flight home from our road trip adventure and I could not put this book down! I think it’s the one time I’ve been thankful for a long flight?! But getting to the point here…if you want to hear my complete thoughts on The Summer Affair keep reading below!

But he couldn’t egg her into it just because he was a man, a wealthy man, a man who had poured her a glass of wine, a man whose wife Claire had unintentionally wronged. He couldn’t make her do it. She did have boundaries!

The Summer Affair, Elin Hilderbrand

So clearly, by the title, you can guess there are some adulterous acts that take place in the book, so I’m not giving anything away when I say that you want to hate the characters so bad for having an affair, but you just CAN’T! Elin creates such dynamic characters with Claire and Lock that you literally CANNOT hate them! I was dumb founded when I was reading it!! The way in which Elin develops Claire’s character, it’s almost like she is too kind, honest, and nice to ever have an affair. So when she does find herself in one, it’s that much juicier and she is torn on whether or not to tell her best friend, who is married to her husband’s brother! I mean, how juicy is that?! I think part of the reason why I couldn’t put the book down though is because I was so anxious to see if Claire eventually would do the right thing and stop her horrible affair, or if it would all come crumbling down on her and her secret would get out. In a few of the chapters though I definitely wanted to shake her have her come to her senses!


The way that Elin writes is something really special, too. She creates a picture perfect vision for a feeling or emotion that the character is going through-it’s actually insane. When she talks about Claire’s guilt, you feel like “guilt” is something tangible and concrete. It’s nuts, you guys. And brilliant, so so brilliant!

“The guilt was like a clump of tar in her hair, warm and sticky, impossible to remove. The more she fingered it, the worse things got. Tar gummed her hands; she tried water but it formed a slick, milky film. She needed scissors, turpentine.”

The Summer Affair, Elin Hilderbrand

I’m not a wife or a mother, but throughout the book, the way Elin writes about Siobhan (her sister-in-law) being a working mother and the pressures that come along with it is such a relevant topic today even though she wrote the book nearly 10 years ago. I feel like that is such a telling trait for an author-one who can write about topics that are relevant a year, two, or ten years down the road. The pressure her sister-in-law feels and the guilt Claire feels so often are honestly true emotions women today feel constantly. Because of that, it’s not just a book that is an exciting book to read because of the secrets and affairs, it’s relatable to so many women going through the motions in their every day lives. So aside from fantasy affairs that not many people can relate to (that’s why we read these types of books right? because it takes you to an alternate universe), you have other deep, real world dilemmas that people can relate to and are issues women struggle and deal with every day.

Elin Hilderbrand has so many other novels & I’ve only read The Castaways but I have a ton of her other books in my “need to read” pile that I am slowly but surely conquering! As I said before, even though this book is a bit older and isn’t the newest and latest things to hit the shelves, it’s still a book that is written so well & is the epitome of a summer read, especially with it taking place in Nantucket over the summer. Can you say dreamy!?

I wanted to keep this short, sweet, and to the point because over analyzing or over “writing” about my review of The Summer Affair just seems wrong?! It doesn’t need it & you’ll find that out very quickly once you dive into the book.

Claire put her hands to her face to cool her cheeks. Lock Dixon knew more about her—much more—than she would have guessed

The Summer Affair, Elin Hilderbrand

Ps. Don’t skip the Prologue! Happy Reading! & you can purchase The Summer Affair here!

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