My August Goals!

AUGUST GOALSBack when I worked at lululemon, they put a huge emphasis on goals. After that, I realized how important it was to set goals for yourself, whether they are big or small! I am starting back into the routine of setting new monthly goals for myself & put them into four categories below in my post: personal, work, blog, and financial.

Setting some clear intentions for the month of August already has me feeling SO much better and driven.

Does anyone set goals for themselves monthly? Yearly? Weekly? I’d love to hear any and all of them & hope we can inspire each other to accomplish our goals-big or small!

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1-Home Cooked Meals. I want to try out at least 3 recipes from Magnolia Table
2-Less Time On Social Media/Being Strategic (I’ll explain this more below)
3-Making Den & Date Nights More of a Priority
4-A cleaner home! (Anyone who has a killer cleaning schedule, send them my way!)

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1-I’m going to completely clean my office & get organized (I work alone so it’s easy to let your office go sometimes!)

2-I plan to get ahead on projects, due dates, & work to leave more time for the fun stuff & relieve some of the pressure and stress

3-Being completely prepared by the time I get into my office so I’m not running in and out for coffees, lunches, etc.



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-Live a more minimal lifestyle!
2-I don’t want to buy things for the sake of buying them because I like them in that moment, I want to think about it for 24-48 hours and if I still feel like I need it then I might pull the trigger.
3-NO credit cards!


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1-Plan more. I want to have a more clear, organized schedule for blog & instagram posts so I’m not constantly on my phone. Setting a day to get a bunch of stuff done so I’m not focusing on it as frequently.

2-Posting 2-3 blog posts per week & I’m hoping to do this by getting more organized with scheduling!

3-Incorporating more of my home into social media posts because it’s a huge passion of mine that I don’t feel like I express enough!





After sitting down and writing these out, I felt like I had a clear idea of how I wanted August to pan out! Now, to follow through! Again, I’d love to hear y’alls goals and how you go about achieving them! Keep your eyes peeling for some fun posts coming your way in the near future & don’t forget to subscribe to stay in the loop.

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