How To Host Your Own Rosé Wine Tasting Party!

Hi babes!! I hope you’re having a great Sunday and thanks for stopping by! If you’re checking this blog post out, that means you love Rose just as much as I do!

I decided to host a little get together with my girlfriends and try a bunch of different Rose’s to see which one we all liked most! I mean, what a better way to spend a girls night in, right?

So keep on readin’ if you want to check out some fun and easy tips on how to host an epic tasting party and see some of the pictures from the night! & be sure to read until the end to find out which Rose was the WINNER! & it might surprise you, too!


BURLAP WINE COVERS: So I wanted to make sure the girls were surprised/didn’t know any of the brands of the wine before we started. Getting little burlap sacks from Amazon (you can grab them here!) to cover up the wine was SUCH an easy way to cover up the bottles and disguise them more!

BOTTLES OF ROSE! THE IMPORTANT PART: When I was at the store I made sure to get bottles ranging in price points. The least expensive bottle was $5 and the most expensive was $23 with the other bottles in between that range at like $9, $15, etc. That way, no one knew how expensive or inexpensive the wine was that they were tasting!

Besides that, there were little things I tried to do to make the night seem like it had as many personal touches as possible. It’s seriously SO easy to print off numbers in a cute font, poke a hole in them, string some cute yarn through it and wrap it around the burlap sacks the wine were in. That way it was clear which wine we were on & what number it was for the score card!


PLATES, NAPKINS, CUTLERY: Next, I knew I wanted to go with disposable plates, napkins, and cutlery for easy and quick clean up. I went with Sugar & Cloth for a few items. I came across them on Amazon (hello Prime & free 2 day shipping!) and thought their stuff was SOOO cute!! They have so many other adorable things to choose from, too. Different sized plates, colors, everything! I could have ordered every single thing, I swear! I went with the white and gold cutlery set & the pink and gold plates you can catch glimpses of below! (both linked)

FRESH FLORALS: I’ve talked about this in a previous post of mine here on how to add personalized touches to a party & one tip was fresh florals! They make SUCH a big difference! I picked up three different bunches of flowers and made a little arrangement then placed some around on the island, too for some more texture!

FOOD & WATER: With 5 bottles of wine, I definitely wanted to make sure we had enough water and enough food and snacks. Pasta, breads, meats, cheese, fruit, desserts. I mightttt have gone a little overboard, but I’d WAY rather have some left overs than have people wishing there was more food-anyone else!?


SCORING CARDS: I created a template for scoring with a program on my computer & printed some off on cardstock. The original file I created was in color, then realized 10 minutes before that I had no color ink for my printer! So black & white ink it was on pink cardstock! They still turned out super cute. This is the part that made the night super fun! I knew the brands & price points but the other girls didn’t so I was SO curious to see how they liked them all and how they’d score them!

*If you’re wanting the scorecard or don’t feel like creating your own, subscribe to my blog & you’ll be emailed the scorecard directly to your inbox for easy digital and hard copies! 

7516821136_IMG_5338IMG_5352Below are some more pictures from Saturday night with the whole spread and after products! You can never have enough food!! (If you notice they are a little more yellow, I had girls over at night and the indoor lighting made it more yellow! But y’all still get the picture!)


And after trying out the 5 wines, the winner was….DARK HORSE ROSE! Not the cheapest, not the most expensive, just middle of the road! $9 a bottle ain’t too shabby! One of our least favorites was actually the most expensive one! It was SO bitter! (One of my bestie’s favorite was actually the cheapest one, too!)

IMG_5384I hope these little tips can help you guide you when planning your next Wine Tasting Night! Remember you can interchange Rose with just about any other drink! Red or White wine, tequila, craft beers, anything could work & follow these same theme!

Thank you all as always for tuning in & reading about this fun girls night I was able to host for my closest girlfriends! & Be sure to subscribe for those cute scorecards to hit your inbox!! 

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