Our 4th of July Dreamy Staycation!

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As some of you know, I graduated with a masters degree in real estate development back in May. As a graduation present, Dennis got us a staycation at the Andaz! The way our schedules worked out, we ended up reserving it for the 4th of July-even better right?! Also, they greeted us with the SWEETEST surprise in our room! Rose & a sweet note congratulating me for graduating! It honestly left the best first impression on us.



Ever since I went to Napa for my 25th birthday with my girlfriends and we visited the Andaz that was there, I have been obsessing over their location. When we found one was recently built in Scottsdale I had wanted to visit. We actually have been there a few times but it was only for live music nights, happy hours, and a welcome reception that I had for my masters program. The second we got there the first time though, I wanted to do some sort of staycation!



If you know me, you know I love anything relating to design and interiors so this hotel just took my obsession to a whole different level! It does mid-century modern effortlessly! The grounds are seriously so beautiful, too. Even though it was hotter than heck outside, we still walked around the entire hotel site when the sun was setting.


We ended up booking the summer package that included drinks at the pool and breakfast & they waive the resort fee. Let me tell you, it was SO worth it for the price that the package came out to. Sometimes you just breeze by those options when you’re booking rooms at hotels, at least I know I do, but when we actually looked at the breakdown and savings, both of us were like “What the heck!? This is a steal!” & the drinks by the pool were SO SO good. One of them actually turned into our staple drink as of recently.  (There may or may  not be a blog post coming up about it!)


Our staycation came at the perfect time, too! It basically split up our time in between our two larger summer vacations. Even though we were still in Arizona, it felt like we were somewhere else in paradise! Our summer ended up feeling so short (even though it still feels like it’ll be summer for another few months, you get the idea haha) which we loved! Me & Den both actually hate the heat, like with a passion, so anytime we can get away we are happy! Hence why we really loved our east coast road trip because of the amazing weather we had the entire time!


If you are looking for a staycation spot or an amazing hotel to visit while you’re in Arizona visiting, I HIGHLY recommend the Andaz! Aside from the hotel being amazing with the comfiest beds, it’s close to so many things in Scottsdale which is like a hot spot to visit when going to Arizona! It was such a great quick getaway to get out of the heat and spend quality time together! We can’t wait to visit again.

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