24 Hours In Hilton Head, SC

AHHH! I am SO excited to finally start sharing bits and pieces of our east coast summer road trip with took in July! You can catch my first post about our trip here where it outlines all of our stops that we had planned! Our first stop was Hilton Head in South Carolina! Visiting the south has ALWAYS been a dream of mine, ever since I can remember! Hilton Head was a straight up dream boat of a city. I instantly fell in love!

We were fortunate enough to get a free night stay at any Omni in the states back around Christmas time & we hadn’t used it yet. Hilton Head in South Carolina has an Omni so we both were like “perfect!” and reserved it right away! No way spending $400+ a night on a hotel was in our budget for this trip…or like, ever. Haha. Hence why we only stayed one night! We knew we wanted to start somewhere in the south and that just seemed to work out. However, we did figure out pretty quick that we were right in that in between age for the resort. Too old for the “kid” pool and way too young for the “adult” pool. We were just sort of looking like lost puppies. It was actually pretty funny. The resort walks right down to the beach though from the pool area which was incredible!

There was a little shopping area a few miles from the Omni that had cute shops, cafes, and some restaurants. I had found this place on instagram called Poseidon before we even left that looked super cool. Rooftop, overlooking water, the whole shibang. We ended up sitting inside because a little bit of rain came but it was seriously so gorgeous still.

Part of the reason why I started my blog was so I could write about these adventures we go on together so I can look back at them years from now. Because, if anyone knows me, knows I have a horrible memory!! I forget legit everything. It’s so sad! Ha. So, I’m happy I have concrete stories and posts now to look back on!

The staff delivered the sweetest surprise to our room after we got settled, too of two mini bottles of bubbly rose, chocolate covered strawberries, and the sweetest card. Den & I don’t really have a specific like “anniversary” date, but we figured it was around this time two and a half years ago that we started dating and that this trip would be like a celebratory anniversary trip!

Our patio from our room overlooked the garden, pool, restaurant, and main patio area. The resort honestly was dreamy. When the sun was starting to set there was live music playing and we just sat on the patio and took it all in. The scenery, the music, the weather, the fact that we were blessed enough to go on another vacation together, all of it. It seriously was the perfect start to our vacation.

I’ll be slowly but surely writing more posts about the different stops we took along the way and the memories so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a beat!

Thank y’all for stopping by again and reading about the start to our adventure!

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