10 random facts about me


ONE-I rarely get movie references-I feel like I haven’t seen like ANY movies. Or if I have, I forget about them right away. Definitely more of a TV show kind of girl.

TWO-I played/tried probably every sport when I was younger but always ended up loving dance & softball more! I did/played both up until my sophomore year of high school.

THREE-I studied abroad in Ireland for a semester in undergrad. As much as I loved it and had the best time of my life, I was homesick A LOT of the time! Because of that, the friendships I made mean that much more to me because they were there to help me! (I actually blogged about it then stopped once I got home)

FOUR-I’m the youngest of 4 siblings & the only girl! (2 of them are half brothers)

FIVE-This is actually my THIRD time having a blog. The first time was in highschool and I would post about all my DIY’s I would do-I always kick myself for not keeping that up. I can’t even find/remember the website either. My second one was when I studied abroad in Ireland and wanted to journal about my time there. Once I got home I didn’t keep up with it, though. Third time is a charm & I’m sticking to it!

SIX-My hair grows SO fast. That’s why I’ve always gone back and forth between chopping it SUPER short then growing it out really long again. It grows like wildfire.

SEVEN-I usually read an entire book in one sitting. I get SO wrapped up in it that I can’t put it down, especially if it’s written by Colleen Hoover.

EIGHT-My first year of college I studied interior design, then didn’t love the path the degree was taking and changed my major to design studies & that’s what I graduated with! Design is and always has been a huge passion of mine, even if I didn’t graduate with a degree in it!

NINE-I rarely finish a drink. Of anything. Coffee, water, soda (okay maybe if it’s vanilla Dr. Pepper I will), wine, mixed drinks. I always only drink like 1/2 to 3/4.

TEN-I was named after my grandma Rehan and they used to call her Rea for short & my mom decided to name me after her! (My background is Armenian for those who are wondering!)

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