The 5 apps I downloaded to help me step up my instagram game

Let me start this by saying that I am by no means an Instagram pro nor do I have a ton of followers, BUT this is just a post about what apps helped me see an immediate response with my Instagram and my following within two months!

Oh, Instagram: we all want cohesive feeds, engaging stories, & to grow our following right?! Right!

These are the 5 apps I found that helped me start to grow my Instagram and saw almost immediate results. I almost doubled my Instagram following in like 2 months after using these apps for my feed & stories. (Not saying I have like 100,000 followers or anything close to that, but I definitely saw a response in my Instagram following, it essentially doubled). However, once I started using these apps, I also stepped up my entire Instagram engagement and plan. I started posting once a day, engaging with other accounts, and using proper hashtags and locations to boost my growth, as well.


I LOVE this app & this is the one that I get the most questions about, hands down! First, there is one free set of templates it comes with when you download it, then the three others are like $1-so worth it. It’s what you see in like everyone’s story lately with the polaroid templates and multi-picture templates & there are so many ways to customize it to make it your own! You can add text, different colors, etc. and it just creates a really professional looking story for your Instagram. It’s like they make it easy for you to look like you’re a graphic designer haha!


2- Lightroom 220px-Adobe_Photoshop_Lightroom_CC_logo.svg

So I use the desktop version, which requires a membership/subscription fee that is $10/month or you can pre-pay for the whole year-which is what I did. Then I downloaded the app on my phone to use for quicker editing of pictures. It’s legit & quite a bit of photography Instagram influences are starting to create their own presets, both mobile and desktop. I chat about that with app #4!


3-Plann 246x0w

I loveeee this one so much. Totally free, too. It basically lets you see how your Instagram feed would look with future pictures/posts. I love this because I can see how certain presets look together with different pictures & how it feels overall. Then you can add captions and basically pre-make your posts then just copy and paste them when you’re done. It makes managing your feed on a daily basis a little easier and less time consuming.


4-Tezza App 512x512bb

So I actually purchased her lightroom desktop preset package like probably two months before she released her app. I purchased 6 presets which I’m OBSESSED with. However, her new app is AMAZING. It’s even better because she updates it so regularly, adds new mobile presets (only mobile, not desktop), and adds other features to it pretty regularly. I don’t actually subscribe to it because I already have her previous presets that I really really love, but I do use her free “dust” photo add on for some of my pictures for my story. Honestly if you are looking for a SUPER inexpensive way to create a more cohesive feed-then purchase her app subscription. I believe it’s like $2 or $3 a month! If I didn’t already have her desktop presets purchased, I would for sure subscribe. But using her freebies is definitely an add on that helps my insta vibes!

IMG_0493 IMG_1157

I’m newer to this guy, but it’s definitely helping me connect with other bloggers using this same platform. I love being part of the #ltkfamily ! Basically it’s a way for bloggers to link their outfits/accessories/home goods/etc. for their readers and followers to find easily and shop! Then they receive a little commission from it. However, you do have to apply for this one & get approved. But being able to provide these links to followers makes it super easy for them!


If there are any other apps you guys love using, comment what they are below! I love seeing what else is out there!

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  • Katie August 17, 2018 Reply

    Love all of those apps. We don’t use the Tezza presets but I do love them! Thanks for the post! xo

    • rearowles August 27, 2018 Reply

      Aren’t they great?! Thanks for stopping by!!

  • cassandre August 18, 2018 Reply

    That was really well written and really useful. Can’t wait to try those apps!!

    • rearowles August 27, 2018 Reply

      Thank you so much! You will love them!!

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