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outer-banks-travel-guide-pdf.jpgHi everyone & thank you for stopping by to read up on my Outer Banks Travel Guide! We spent 3 days in Kitty Hawk, which is one of the cities in the Northern Beach area. After the time spent there, I put together recommendations on where to stay, what to do, and where to eat & drink for the ultimate Outer Banks travel guide! In case you missed my most recent travel guide on Wilmington, you can find it here!


Cities along the Outer Banks strip I would recommend:

  • Kitty Hawk-where we stayed!
  • Nags Head-right before Kitty Hawk
  • Duck-In between Kitty Hawk and Corolla
  • Corolla (one of the farthest drives but more secluded & you can go on wild horse tours!)

So basically all of these Northern Beach cities are super close together and pretty much look the same, so you have to pay close attention when you’re leaving and entering each one or you’ll miss it! The only one that is farther is Corolla, the most northern on the strip. Honestly any of these would be a great choice.

We stayed in a really cute Airbnb (you can see it here) just across from the coastal highway on the other side of where the beach is and all of the beach houses. We just had to walk down the street and cross at the crosswalk to get to the beach and some restaurants, but it was just far enough that we decided to take the car each time we left the house!

Looking back now, I probably would have looked into more of the beach houses that are for rent right on the beach but they were through a different rental website (VRBO) that I didn’t even consider to look into! Hindsight is 20/20!

So if I can recommend anything for you from this Outer Banks travel guide, it would be to look into beach houses along the street that faces the beach. There actually aren’t very many hotels around because SO many people rent their beach houses! Some are better than others, but for the most part, they all looked pretty dang great and perfect for a beach getaway in the Outer Banks.







Once we arrived and got settled in, we were going through what our options were to do. We had a few ideas that I’ll list below then explain a little more on how our days actually went!

Sweet Rides OBX: ELECTRIC BIKE RENTALS!! Okay, this honestly was probably the highlight of our time in the Outer Banks. It was so our style to just act like kids, be goofy, and zip around on these electric bikes that went up to like 20 miles per hour. We cruised around for about 4 hours with the rental and had such a blast. (Thank you to Sweet Rides for the hook-up!)

Wright Brothers Museum: In our opinion, we didn’t love this attraction. We thought there could have been a ton of improvements to make it more interactive and interesting! Part of the grounds were closed, too for renovations. Overall, we didn’t love it & probably wouldn’t go again. I’m including it because I like to let the readers know the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Corolla Wild Horse Tours: We ran out of time and it was a little too far of a drive to do, but if you have this time, this tour honestly looked incredible! If you click the link and flip through the “gallery” portion, you will see what I mean!

Beach Day, Duh!: We moved around our schedule a little bit while we were there so it ended up raining on the day we were going to head to the beach. But it really turned out to be a fun experience! We popped open the back portion of our rental car and just hung out while the rain poured! Then walked along the beach when it cleared up a little bit.

What we realized relatively quickly is that the Outer Banks is more so a beach “relaxation” town rather than a “let’s go out and explore the city” beach town. Does that  make sense? Like families go there to relax and unwind instead of a weekend filled with exploring and what not.

There were quite a few indoor options, but other than that, it was mostly beach houses lining the water and a few restaurants here and there in the area we were in. So keep that in mind if you’re looking to visit the Outer Banks! It’s definitely more family focused if I were to classify it! I wanted to definitely highlight that when creating this Outer Banks Travel Guide.














Black Pelican: OUR FAVE!! I’ll start by saying that we love the show Diners Drive-Ins and Dives with Guy Fieri. Black Pelican has been on the show when he went to the Outer Banks. We sat on their second story bar patio RIGHT on the water! I ordered shrimp and Dennis ordered the salmon & were super impressed. We kept talking about it throughout the rest of our time there and joked about going back again. (Which looking back, we should have totally done because it’s that good!)

Jolly Roger: So I’ll start with saying this place seemed a little funky on the outside and is definitely interesting on the inside, but honestly the food was amazing. We ordered these wings for an appetizer that were honey mixed with old bay seasoning-hello heavenly combo! There were two main reasons why we loved Jolly Roger. First, the servings were huge and second, it was really really good, too!

Brew Thru: Drive through liquor store! This place was a frequent stop of ours…whoops! Haha. It was a cool concept and the people working there were so helpful. It’s a quick and easy stop to grab some goodies!

Trio Wine & Cheese Bar: Our Airbnb host recommended this place but we didn’t have the chance to stop by. She and her husband live in the Outer Banks full time so I feel like if she recommends a place, it’s most likely a good one!

Duck’s Donuts: Follow them on Instagram and then you’ll know why I recommend this place! Haha. Who doesn’t love donuts!?

Sandtrap Tavern: We passed this restaurant every time we left our Airbnb and kept saying that we should go in because it looked really good but we ran out of time!




That basically wraps it up for my suggestions for the Outer Banks, what we ended up doing, and my overall Outer Banks Travel Guide. Seriously though, our favorite part that sort of made the trip was our electric bike rental! It’s newer to the area and a company they just started but it was incredibly easy to set up and such a blast! After we left the Outer Banks, we made our way to Rehoboth Beach & you can keep an eye out for that travel guide and recap in the near future! As always, be sure to subscribe to stay in the loop!

Also, I feel like my blog is like the new Facebook. Years ago I used to upload all of my pictures to Facebook albums & now I just have my blog. Anyone else feel like that!?

Until next time, friends!

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  • theregularfolks September 27, 2018 Reply

    Love the Outer banks! My husband and I go every summer with his family and we stay in a rental home in Duck. Next time, go to the sand dunes! Its a lot of fun 🙂 Red Sky (in Duck), Duck Donuts, and Mama Easley’s (in Corolla) are some of my faves!

    • rearowles September 27, 2018 Reply

      I’ve heard great things about Duck Donuts, too! Thanks for the recommendations!!

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