September Goals: My New & Continued Goal Setting

Today I’m welcoming a new month with my September Goals, like I did for August-which you can find here! I decided I’m making this a monthly thing to keep myself in check, be able to look back on the months and see how things actually panned out, and work towards the best version of me I can be! Who else is with me?! Keep on readin’ to take a look into my September Goals for 2018!



In August, I didn’t hit all of the goals I set for this little category, but we do cook from home way more often than before & it feels so good. So just keeping that up with September to make it a real habit. The others for my September Goals would include:

-Reading two books per month at least
-Creating more of a space for reading rather than tv and Netflix and phone


I have to say, for August and my work goals, I have to say I am pretty happy with how the month turned out. So for this following month I only have a few smaller September Goals:

-Re arranging my desk for a fresh feel
-Deep clean the office (I already started a little bit with this, but I still have quite a bit of work to do for this one)


I definitely am creating more of a habit of thinking twice before pulling the trigger on purchases. Trying to be a little bit more intentional helps a TON! That has been such a good goal to continue working towards for September. A few other September Goals include:

-Getting rid of excess things by selling them on either Instagram or Poshmark, etc. & decluttering!
-Putting those proceeds towards savings or travel account


I secretly set a little goal in my head for August of 1,000 views and I hit that so I want to aim higher for September! Might not seem like a lot to many, but it’s all about the small victories when you’re just starting out! My new September Goals for my blog/social media include:

-1,500 monthly page views
-3 posts per week
-Create a strong content calendar to follow for scheduling ease

I can’t wait to check back in at the end of September when I’m creating new goals for October and see how the month turned out. Cheers to better yourself & setting goals!



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