Rehoboth Beach Travel Diaries

rehoboth beach pdfI don’t even know where to start when it comes to writing about our Rehoboth Beach Travel Diaries! This little beach town exceeded ALL of our expectations. We had such an incredible time while we were there, we wish we could have stayed another day! On one of our days there, we were able to have a legitimate full on beach day!! It was SO fun!! I haven’t swam way out into the ocean since I was a little kid. Honestly, one of the best moments of the entire trip! I’ve sort of been putting off continuing these travel diaries and guides because I am in denial that this epic trip is actually over!! It’s been a dream of mine since I was little to plan a vacation like this & I’m still in awe that it actually happened!



Our first night in Rehoboth Beach consisted of take out & Netflix, actually! It felt great to just relax and have a night in after hitting up a bunch of different cities. We ordered pizza for take out and just lounged around. Our Airbnb was on the second story in Rehoboth Beach just a few minutes outside of the busy pier. We had the cutest patio on the second story with fun chairs and really good views-all greenery!!



I had looked up a few places/touristy places in Rehoboth Beach before we arrived, but like I said, it honestly exceeded our expectations by all means. I knew I wanted to hit up Dolle’s Salt Water Taffy (I have such a big sweet tooth! Who else can relate?!) & I knew I wanted to coast along the pier. What we didn’t realize was that along the pier in Rehoboth Beach, there are so many little shops, restaurants, souvenir shops, candy shops, arcades, etc. that gave us TONS of things to do! Thrasher’s French Fries along the pier (they have like three different locations) were INCREDIBLE! Salt & vinegar flavored fries, um…hello heaven!!



We wanted to grab something relatively quick before our beach day began at Rehoboth Beach. First, we were thinking acai bowls but the places along the pier honestly was SO expensive & not really worth it!! Like $16 a bowl?! I mean…c’mon!! So we stumbled across Kaisy’s Delights & grabbed two breakfast sandwiches. These sandwiches were freaking incredible! The bread was croissant like but not as flakey and the egg was perfectly cooked with just the right amount of yokey center for a breakfast egg sandwich! I’d definitely recommend hitting this place up for a quick breakfast sandwich.



Our day at the actual beach and in the water at Rehoboth Beach was literal perfection. We played around like little kids in the water for HOURS! We were so exhausted after but that made it that much more memorable. Riding the waves for hours was just the adventure we needed during our vacation. Dennis had said a few times he had never seen me so happy and care free! We both loved seeing each other so happy and relaxed! We were pretty exhausted after, so we just grabbed a few snacks along the pier and then headed back to our Airbnb to get ready for dinner!



Our dinner at Stingray Sushi Bar & Asian Grill was actually one of my favorite parts of our entire vacation. We were lucky enough to grab a table on the patio with absolute perfect weather. After spending what felt like hours there, we realized we were the only couple left on the patio! But we were loving every moment of it! Appetizers, main dishes, desserts, drinks, the whole shibang. Also, it didn’t hurt that their food was TO DIE FOR! We ordered pork fried rice, two sushi rolls, apple cobbler dessert, and some fun cocktails! Their patio is seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and it felt like it was out of movie-string lights and all! I understand why people rave about Rehoboth Beach so much now. Honestly, one of the most underrated places in the states!!



There were definitely tons of hotels along the beachfront of Rehoboth Beach, which is good to know! We went with an Airbnb (which you can find here! She has a few options/apartments to choose from) a little bit outside of town (a quick Uber ride in) to save a little bit of money. But I feel like if we went back, we’d definitely splurge for a hotel along the water to be walking distance to the beach, restaurants, shops, attractions, etc. We still loved our Airbnb & how quaint it was, but I think next time we’d love to be even closer! For how great the weather during that time of year is, we’d love to be able to just walk or bike everywhere!

In case you missed previous posts on our stops before Rehoboth Beach Travel Diaries, you can find our time in the Outer Banks here, my Wilmington Travel Guide here, our quick lunch date in Charleston here, and our 24 hours in Hilton Head here!! There are a few more stops to come so be sure to stay tuned and subscribe to stay in the loop and never miss a beat! As always, thank you for tuning in to read about my Rehoboth Beach Travel Diaries and taking a look into my life! Until next time!

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Overall, our Rehoboth Beach Travel Diaries are some of my favorite from our epic east coast road trip & I’ve loved being able to document them to look back on years from now! I can’t wait to take a trip back in the future and create even more amazing memories & try all of the other restaurants the pier and downtown Rehoboth Beach area has to offer!





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