Friday Favorites: What I’m Loving This Week!


I’m excited to roll out this new little series weekly with all of my current Friday Favorites for the week! This will range from anything relating to travel, beauty, home, hosting, fashion, literature, self-help, food…anything!! Just whatever is my current obsession for the week. So I’ll add links to everything & a little snippet of why I love them! Makes it super easy for you guys to grab & go if you think you’ll love something as much as I do that week!

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ONE: Truly Spiked & Sparkling Seltzers-specifically the berry combo pack! Alcohol can be really hard on my stomach & I’ve found because these are so low in sugar that they are perfect! So easy to drink, low in carbs and sugars, just pure greatness!
TWO: Resin Earrings! I’ve had an obsession with Baublebar for years now & I’m loving this new trend with Resin earrings. I have a few pairs (some from Amazon, too that I’ll link) that I absolutely love.
THREE: Abercrombie Denim! Okay, so apparently Abercrombie is super cool again!? Who knew. But their denim is freaking amazing. This cut especially. It’s called the “Zoe” & I was able to snag a pair on clearance over the holiday weekend during all the sale for $20! I’ve been wearing them non-stop. High rise, a little bit of a looser fit, and so dang comfy.
FOUR: My laptop Lap Desk! I didn’t realize how badly I needed one until I actually purchased one and started using it religiously. No heat from your computer, padded bottom, mouse pad, slots for your phone and ipad. It has everything. SUCH a good find for my Friday Favorites!
FIVE: Tabletop Mini Fridge! This thing is adorable first off. When I saw it in Target around college move-in months for college students, I thought it was a great idea. THEN I saw a beauty blogger use it in her bathroom to keep face masks, eye masks, and other creams and stuff in and thought it was genius! That’s probably why it’s on my Friday Favorites list because you can use it for a few different things-not just food related products!
SIX: Opalhouse Counter Stools! So this isn’t exactly just a weekly obsession for my Friday Favorites. These counter stools have been one of the favorite parts of my house since I purchased them! Great quality, amazing floral pattern, bright colors for my all white kitchen-everything you could ever want in a counter stool! They also have them in bar height and dining height as well, along with like 6 other patterns to choose from! This line has been a favorite of mine since its release so these stools definitely had to make an appearance on my first Friday Favorites post!

Thanks for tuning in for the first of many Friday Favorites! I’d love to hear from you all what some of your current obsessions are so I can try them out! They just might become my new favorites, too.

Until next time!

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