Friday Favorites: Week 2 Obsessions!


Happy Friday, everyone! This week is completelyyyy flying by and I can’t believe we’re already to Friday, again! I’m loving so many things as of lately because of the whole “Fall” thing. Except for what is Fall? Arizona clearly has no idea because it was 108 degrees yesterday!? It’s been brutal, but I’m thinking if I just force fall upon myself that it’ll happen eventually haha! Who else is with me?! Just as I did last week, I’ve linked every product below with a little snippet of why it’s my Friday Favorite this week!

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ONE/ONE & A HALF: Tory Burch Tilda Nylon Backpack & Tory Burch Floral Scarf Ring. I always browse through Tory Burch and when I saw this new green color paired with the patterned scarf, I instantly loved it. Green is going to be such a huge color during Fall & this backpack is a staple, for sure! It’s far beyond my Friday Favorite, more like an all-time favorite!
TWO: Perez Suede 90mm Booties. I saw one of my favorite blogger babes Natalie Kennedy post about these from a store in Nashville a little bit ago and have been obsessing over them since!! They come in two different heel heights, too. They are such a staple for Fall & easily became my Friday Favorite for this week!
THREE: Sharp Objects. This book is definitely out of the genre that I normally read, but with all of the hype of this book & the new HBO series for it, I had to pick it up and give it a go. Like I said, it’s definitely different for me and what I’m used to reading, but so far I am LIVING for this book! I never knew I would love a mystery/thriller type as much as I actually do!
FOUR: Milani Matte Lip Cream. Confession..this lip cream is FAR beyond my Friday Favorite! It’s my every day lip color..literally every day! The wear on this matte lip cream lasts hours and hours. I hope this never gets discontinued because I wouldn’t even know what to do haha! For how affordable the lip cream is, too, it’s a win win! My favorite color is “adorable” for reference!
FIVE: Agate Book Ends. Can we have a moment of silence for how beautiful these are!? How can they not be a Friday Favorite of mine? Anytime we are out somewhere and stumble across a pair of agate book ends, I always try to snag them! (If they are reasonably priced-some get super expensive!) They take “book ends” to an entirely different level. Obsessed.
SIX: Cabinet Cookware Organizer. I did not realize how amazing these bad boys are until we moved into our new house. Instead of a super messy cabinet, it’s totally organized. With how inexpensive they are, I honestly want one for any and all of my kitchen cabinets where they would work!
SEVEN: Floral Gardening Gloves. I have been waiting & waiting for some cooler weather in Arizona to plant lots of cute, bright flowers in our little built in planter on our porch. We still aren’t there yet, but we had a few cooler days last week that made me hopefully and my obsession started back up again!

What else is everyone loving for Fall!? I’d love to hear it below so I know what to browse for next and snag! In case you missed my first post of this new Friday Favorites series, you can check it out here to see what I was living for last week! Until next time!

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