Providence Travel Diaries: Wrapping Up Our East Coast Road Trip

I’m finally getting to our Providence Travel Diaries recap for the last stop of our amazing summer road trip! Like others, I was sort of putting it off because I didn’t want to close the door yet on this fun series of documenting our road trip! We created such great memories while we were in Providence and I was able to see a little bit more into Dennis’ family ties and life-we drove by his grandma’s old complex where she used to live! We spent two nights in Providence before we started our trek home, which ended up landing us another day (in Connecticut) because of bad weather! If you want to hear more about our Providence Travel Diaries, keep on reading below!

So I said it before, Rhode Island is super tiny. Therefore, getting to other cities (or even states) is SUPER quick! We bounced around to a few different cities around Providence, one of those being Warwick! I’ll probably recap those in a different blog post so stay tuned! So I guess this little series isn’t quiteee wrapping up just yet!


The Dean Hotel welcomed us with a bottle of champagne and a sweet card for our anniversary! Since we don’t really have a true “anniversary” date, we sort of treated this vacation as a 2 1/2 year celebration! We figured over a two week span, we were bound to hit the exact date somewhere in there! Haha. So it was a really sweet gesture for us on our final stop. Getting sweet welcomes like this makes it that much more fun to recap our Providence Travel Diaries!

The Dean Hotel is a boutique hotel in the heart of Providence with an industrial, old school vibe. Even with a little hiccup, we still enjoyed our time there and the location was great! We were able to walk right out of our hotel and have a handful of options of where to eat. The first night we were pretty exhausted from the two week build up of travel, so we quickly grabbed a bite to eat at an Irish pub called Murphy’s that was just a few places down then went back to the hotel to relax! It brought me right back to Ireland it was THAT good!!

There is also a coffee shop inside the Dean Hotel called Bolt Coffee. How convenient is that?! They made me the BEST “vanilla” latte I think I’ve ever had-they didn’t have vanilla flavoring, so the barista made something super similar-heavenly!!

The next day we went duckpin bowling, which I’ll have a whole different post recapping that one in a few days. Think bowling, but with small sized bowling balls-how different and fun is that?! I guess it’s a Rhode Island thing. Either way, I loved it!

Our last full day we went exploring around Providence and strolled the cutest, most quaint streets. I think we stumbled across a “little Italy” type of area because there were tons of restaurants and Italian style deli’s. We stopped at one of the Italian restaurants  called Costantino’s Venda Ristorante before we left that looked out onto the streets and the outdoor patio area. BEST rigatoni alla vodka EVER.


I wanted to do a recap of a quick list of where to eat that we loved! I detailed it above, but to make it easier for you guys, here’s a list of places we ate & drank at while in Providence that we’d gladly go back to again!

That basically recaps our time in Providence, our last stop from our road trip! I love being able to document these memories to look back on years from now.

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