Friday FALL Favorites!

I’ve decided to post about my Friday FALL Favorites for this Friday!! Ever since we had a rainy day this week, I’ve been in full Fall mode. I want pumpkin everything, orange something, and apple cider anything! Anyone else on the same wave length as me?! Generally speaking, once the temperature dropped below 100 degrees here in Arizona this week, I became Fall obsessed!

fall favorites

ONE: Sam Edelman Yaro Heel. THIS COLOR!! The crushed velvet in that rich yellow color is EVERYTHING for Fall! Easily the top of my Friday Fall Favorites this week. (And probably all winter)

TWO: Marble & Acacia Cake Stand. I have been loving this lately to display all of the Fall desserts I’ve been making lately! I think it’s such a staple. That’s why it’s on my Friday Fall Favorites this week!

THREE: Orange/Yellow Flannels. Give me all of the flannels for layering or tying around the waist! Such a fun way to dress up a look. I’m especially loving the color combos too for my Friday Fall Favorites. I feel like I’ll be snagging a few of these bad boys for my fall wardrobe! & this one is under $20!! Even better for the Friday Fall Favorites!

FOUR: Mrs. Meyers Multi Surface Cleaner: Apple Cider. I went to THREE different stores to find this bad boy. That must give you a good idea why it’s one of my Friday Fall Favorites, too. Everyone is snagging it left and right! I finally found it and picked up a few bottles. The scent is amazing for Fall!

FIVE: Neutral Red Carpet Gel Nail Polish. Okay, Red Carpet gel nail polish has been my favorite for YEARS now! I do all of my gel manicures at home and this neutral/camel colored is perfect for this edition of my Friday Fall Favorites! Overall, the color goes so well with the contract of jeans, chunky orange, green, red, or white sweaters, everything! Ugh I’m just seriously loving it. Also, doing your gel manicures at home is actually way easier than it seems!

SIX: Magnolia Hearth and Hand Recipe Cards. I know Pinterest makes it super easy to save recipes, but there is something so special and sentimental about a hand written recipe. One that I can pass down to my future children. With that in mind, these recipe cards are easily one of my top picks for this weeks Friday Fall Favorites.

*You can see them here, too in a recent post on one of my favorite Fall dessert recipes!

SEVEN: Over the Knee Boots. I have heard SO many good reviews about these boots. Consequently, I decided to snag a pair when they were 40% off the other day. Besides the amazing color, I’m sure the fit will be amazing, too. Even if they aren’t and I return them, the over the knee boot trend is something I’m loving for Fall! Either way, it’s easily one of my Friday Fall Favorites!

Friday Fall Favorites Recap

Lastly, I hope you enjoyed my top seven Friday Fall Favorites. I think it’s a theme everyone can get on board with this Friday considering tomorrow is the last day of Summer. Finally, we can officially welcome Fall! Yay!

Thank you, as always, for tuning in! Additionally, if you love keeping up and reading, be sure to subscribe here!! Until next time!

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