My State Side Travel Bucket List

I wanted to put together my ultimate state side travel bucket list to share! I’ve been lucky enough to check some of my ultimate places off my list in the last two years (such as New York City and Napa and a few others) but I still have SO many cities that are on my state side travel bucket list!

The cities below for my state side travel bucket list are by no means in order from most important to least! These were just cities that popped into my mind that I’ve wanted to explore for SO long! One of my biggest passions has always been to explore and travel more. Year after year, I always try and chip away at my travel bucket list places!

My hope is to look back on this a year from now and every year after that and eventually check every box on there! A girl can dream, right!? You’ve got to start somewhere.


I’d love to hear what some of your state side travel bucket list cities are! For my other blogger babes, I’d love to hear any and all travel guides you’ve created! Drop them below in my comments so I can check them out! I’m always looking to add new places to my state side travel bucket list, too!

Before I took off on some summer travels, I did a review of my first impressions of Away Travel. You can find my opinions here & hear about why I’m obsessed! I figured this follows the theme of this post & I always like to link other related posts for you guys! Also, I hear Away Travel is coming out with a wine travel container or something like that!? Hello best idea ever!

As always, thanks for stopping by! I’m putting together an international travel bucket list that I’ll post in the near future, too! That one is a bit harder considering there is so much more ground to cover & my list keeps growing!

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  • Alyssa September 26, 2018 Reply

    You def have to make it to the hamptons, but go during the summer! I love it there!

    • rearowles September 26, 2018 Reply

      That is the ultimate dream! Ever since I watched Revenge, I’ve wanted to go!

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