October Goal Setting: Re-Evaluating My Intentions & A Series Shift

Hi all & thanks for stopping by to read up on my October Goal Setting today! The past two months I’ve broken it down into four different categories for my October Goal Setting. Those are personal, work, blog, and financial.

However, I sort of found myself “making” goals just to make them. Instead of truly feeling like they were an attainable, productive goal of mine. Especially with September rolled around. I was like ‘wait, it’s already been a month and I haven’t done much when it comes to goals!?” So then it left me sort of feeling like I let myself down.

Don’t get me wrong, creating strong goals for yourself is seriously important, when they are done right! I’ll chat a little bit more below with what I mean by that!


I decided to take a little step back and think about what I wanted to truly get out of these goals. I want to feel like I’m chipping away at the tough stuff. But, I realize that takes time. Setting a goal to achieve in just one month sometimes just isn’t do-able or it means the goal was just a little to much of a layup for me. Or I felt like I had to make at least 3-4 goals for each category when in reality, that is a little tough.

Crushing 12-16 goals a month?! It was starting to feel a little bit overwhelming, even when it was something I created myself.

In addition, some of the goals I kept talking about are really a change in lifestyle, not so much a goal. So, when I shifted my intentions around the idea of goal setting and realized Rome wasn’t built in a freaking day, I wanted to come into October a little differently.

By shifting my intentions and molding my lifestyle, I overall become a more well balanced person and that translates into every aspect of my life: relationships, work, financials, etc. These larger “goals” which are lifestyle changes trickle down into every aspect of my life.

So this month for my October Goal Setting I’ve decided to set my intentions for the rest of the year. Instead of only October. They include:

  • Take a step back and remember to live in the moment. Don’t always be looking so far into the future that you can take in the moment you’re in and enjoy it.
  • Create a space for work and keep that space separated. Next, create a space for blogging and dedicate yourself to that space. Finally, create a space for your relationships and feed them everyday. Nothing will grow without some specific, dedicated TLC.


I was beginning to feel like my life had overlapped in a few areas, which is fine at times of course. But it started to blend together so much that I felt like my energy was going in ten different directions at once when it should be dedicated in one (or maybe two) direction while I’m in that space.

Does anyone else relate to this at all?! Sometimes I feel like I set goals just to set them and it started to feel uninspiring and insignificant. Now that I am sort of shifting my mindset on this little series that I do, I feel like I can tackle life a little bit better day by day.

Shifting my intentions and clearly knowing where I am now and where I want to get to is such an easier concept for me to get and tackle.

So cheers to October! To shifting my intentions to lead me to a more clear mindset, and feeding each of the spaces I create.

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  • Alyssa October 2, 2018 Reply

    I can totally relate to feeling like all aspects of my life start to blend. It’s so draining! I love the idea of intentionally creating separation and giving individualized attention to things. I’m gunna make that my October goal as well! ♥️

    • rearowles October 2, 2018 Reply

      Right?! It can be tough!! Glad you’re doing the same as me!❤️

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