RDKL Skincare Face wash Review

rdkl-face-wash-jpeg.jpgIMG_8877I’ve finally been using RDKL skincare long enough for a blog post worthy of a review!! So I’m stoked to share that with you all today. I’ve been using RDKL’s entire skincare line for a little bit now and have honestly been loving all of it. I wanted to review each product separately because they each function in such different ways. In my opinion, it’s more helpful for you guys to see each product stand alone.

I received the entire kit from RDKL. However, you can purchase items separately if you are looking for one specific type of item instead of an entire routine. Again, in my opinion, these products are all so great they are worth getting as an entire set to use in conjunction with each other!


As I’ve mentioned before on my instagram stories, my face is pretty dang sensitive. Because of that, when I try new products, I know relatively quick how my skin cares for them! Before I received my RDKL set, my forehead was breaking out SO badly. It was taking a huge toll on my confidence. I’m sure a ton of you all can relate to this! So I was excited to try out this line. I’m going to start with my review of the RDKL face wash because I’ve been using it religiously since I received it!


  • INCREDIBLE packaging and graphics. I’m a sucker for design and having things neat, clean, organized, and information. RDKL skincare was just that.
  • The scent of not only the face wash but every product was fresh but not too fragrance-y smelling. The products seemed more organic than anything! This was a huge selling point for me. I’ve found that when products have too strong of a fragrance, that usually means there are a little bit too many added items that my skin won’t react well to!
  • GENTLE! There weren’t any added larger exfoliating beads(that you could see) in this face wash which I loved! Too much of that can be way too harsh on our precious skin!!
  • No cute lil animals were harmed when making any of their products-such a huge win!
  • My forehead/face cleared up almost immediately. It has helped tremendously with my confidence since I added the RDKL face wash into my routine. I’ve been so pleased with this product!
  • No toxic ingredients! Can I get an amen!?


With the price point at under $20, this face wash is a steal for the incredible quality! You can find it here!

As I’ve mentioned, I received the entire kit so I’ve been using other products regularly. Keep your eye out for the next product review coming your way soon all about the RDKL moisturizer!  Be sure to subscribe to stay in the loop & thanks for tuning in today!!

*These products were gifted to me by RDKL. I partnered with RDKL for this review. However all thoughts and opinions are my own, as always!

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