Turtles All The Way Down Book Review

IMG_1485TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN BOOK REVIEW! Confession: I read Turtles All The Way Down in like…two days. I couldn’t put it down. (PS-you can snag it here!) Because of that, I’m that much more excited to share my review of this book with you guys today! I decided to sort of break it down into some broader categories below. This makes it a little easier for you all to follow along when reading through my review. Below you’ll see a brief summary, the main topic of the book, what I loved about the book, and one of my favorite quotes!


Set in Indianapolis, Aza and her best friend, Daisy, get wound up in searching for a missing billionaire because of the hefty prize money of $100,000. Aza realizes it’s the father of her friend from the past, Davis, who she connected with at what she calls “sad camp” years back and she has to shove herself into his world again. They start to reconnect and form a relationship. However, Aza’s extreme anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder disrupts even her every day routines. Thus making a relationship seemingly impossible. In my opinion, Turtles All The Way Down highlights mainly mental health issues high school teens face and how that effects relationships and just their plain old every day life, with a tiny little smidge of romance and a quite a bit of drama. Hence why I couldn’t put the book down!


Anxiety. OCD. Mental Health. John Green writes masterfully about these topics throughout the entire book, I was in awe. Anxiety can be an incredibly tough topic to conquer when writing a novel because it’s hard to even speak to in real life! Serious kudos to Green and his job at speaking to anxiety in an honest and elegant way. As someone who hasn’t truly experienced extreme anxiety, I still felt like I completely understood Aza’s inner struggles while reading. It was sort of a trip when I step back and think about it!

Throughout the book, Aza’s anxiety effects her friendships, her relationship with her mom, her relationship with Davis, possible future college choices, eating habits, everything! Turtles All The Way Down seriously brought to my attention that anxiety isn’t a singular issue, it can stem into every part of your life. Once I finished the book, I read through the acknowledgements and realized that Green had included a hotline number, which I thought was super important and necessary, for anyone who needs help. Kudos to you, John Green.


The way Green writes Aza’s character and how she expresses her anxiety to everyone else. To me, that was my favorite part. I was able to take even a small peek into the life of someone with anxiety. A specific portion sticks out to me when I think about my favorite part of this book is when Aza and Daisy are at the underground art show and the two of them venture off further down the tunnels. Daisy seems scared as they are walking farther away from the crowd as it gets darker and more quiet, but Aza gains confidence as they keep on walking in the tunnel. Then, Aza begins to explain why this isn’t scary to her because they both are wearing hardhats with lights attached to them. She sees this as her “control” with being able to turn the light on and off.

Aza then goes on to explain that turning the light off, being in pitch black, not knowing which way is right, left, even up or down is when her fear truly sets in, because she isn’t in control of anything. Aza relates that moment to her anxiety and how her brain functions. The lightbulb moment for Daisy sets in and she realizes how much Aza’s anxiety takes a toll on her life. To me, that was like..mind blowing and beautiful all at the same time. Seriously, it’s incredible! I still get goosebumps every time I think about that scene Green depicts in the book.


“Anybody can look at you. It’s quite rare to find someone who sees the same world you see.” 

This was only on page NINE! After I read that amazing quote so early on, I knew I’d be a sucker for this book. There were longer quotes throughout the book that I appreciated, but this quote kept it sweet and simple.

Tell me below what book you’re loving and can’t put down as of late! I’m always looking for new reads! As always, don’t forget to subscribe to follow along! & don’t forget that you can pick up Turtles All The Way Down here!

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