The Pioneer Woman Collection: Friday Favorites

I had never seen The Pioneer Woman Collection at Wal-Mart but the second I saw it yesterday while running some errands, I WAS DEAD! Instantly obsessed. The Pioneer Woman Collection is honestly to die for. It’s a perfect mix of rustic, girly, and farmhouse style. Honestly, a good number of the pieces I saw at Wal-Mart reminded me SO much of Anthropologie.

*Also, a quick side note: as you all know, normally I upload my “Friday Favorites” post on Fridays because..duh, but this week has truly gotten the best of me & my time management was simply thrown out the window. So here we are, on Saturday, bringing you my Friday favorites!

My mom and I had to stop at Wal-Mart yesterday to pick up a handful of things and we both truly kept going back to the Pioneer Woman Collection in every isle we could. We both snagged the cutest teapot (linked below). I mean LOOK at that floral pattern!? Then we spotted the silverware insert with floral on CLEARANCE! I made her buy it. Haha.

Everything is really reasonably priced as well. Especially, like I said, since a bunch of the pieces gave me Anthro vibes. Who doesn’t want to score a more affordable version of something you might see in a higher end store?

The Pioneer Woman Collection has legit everything. I’m currently eyeing the knife set (online it’s on sale!) and the pot collection, too. Well…along with like 10+ other items, too.

I’ve linked each product below but if you want to shop the entire Pioneer Woman Collection, just click here!

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ONE: 5 Quart Strainer.This was the first product I saw and grabbed immediately. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but this strainer is huge! Super practical & super adorable from the Pioneer Woman Collection.
TWO: Aqua Knife Set. Me & Den have been saying we’ve wanted a nicer knife set for the last few weeks. When I saw this one with that teal color, it took everything in me not to take it home with me! But I’m actually glad I didn’t pick it up because it’s on SALE online!!
THREE: Oven Mitt & Pot Holder Set. I always seem to either 1-lose or 2-ruin oven mitts. Haha! So seeing these from the Pioneer Woman collection at such a reasonable price that are such an Anthro dupe made my little heart so happy!
FOUR: Set of 3 Floral Glass Clamp Jar Set. Me & my mom were DYING over these cute jars! I have open shelving in my kitchen and we were saying these would be so cute to showcase on the shelves. She is also wanting to re-do her pantry and loved these for herself, too! How can you not?
FIVE: 8″ Square Baking Dish. Since I’ve been in such a Fall baking mode, seeing this cute baking dish gave me major heart eyes. We kept going back to this square cutie and then a set of two oval dishes, too. Again, another piece from the Pioneer Woman collection that was giving me major Anthro vibes.
SIX: Wooden Cutlery Tray. I am SO glad my mom took this bad boy home! We ended up finding it a little bit hidden in Wal-Mart on clearance!! It was a no brainer. Isn’t this such a cute way to spruce up your kitchen drawers?
SEVEN: Floral Tea Kettle. Me & my mom both took this adorable tea kettle home. How could we not?! I don’t think this product even needs an explanation, it totally speaks for itself!
EIGHT: Glass Sundae Cups. I love the retro/old school vibe these cute glass sundae cups give off. Maybe it’s the teal color or maybe it’s the glass design-but I am just living for these guys!

This wraps up this weeks Friday Favorites (just a few days late!) and I hope you all are as obsessed with the Pioneer Woman collection as me and my mom were when running around Wal-Mart! Haha. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Fall weekend!

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  • Ansleigh October 28, 2018 Reply

    OMG! how cute! definitely in need of some house wear! Definitely need to check these out! thanks girl!

    • rearowles October 29, 2018 Reply

      Right?! It’s the cutest! Thanks for stopping by!!

  • Kayla October 29, 2018 Reply

    Literally love pioneer woman! My grandma got me hooked on her collection haha. She actually has really cute quilts too!

    • rearowles October 29, 2018 Reply

      She has quilts too?! SOLD! Haha thanks for stopping by girl!!

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