27 Things I’ve Learned in 27 Years Of Life!

In honor of my birthday, today’s post is all about 27 things I’ve learned in 27 years of life! Some are light hearted, some are a little bit more serious..exactly how I am!

  1. Celebrate the big things, the little things, and everything in between.
  2. Being selfless gets you so much farther in life than being selfish.
  3. You actually do need to floss & your dentist knows you’re lying when you say you floss frequently…whoops.
  4. If you are passionate about something, GO FOR IT!
  5. Less is more, most of the time. 
  6. Shut your bathroom doors…your dog WILL get in the trash and drag it around everywhere. Every. Time.
  7. You don’t need to impress anyone & once you realize that, you are FREE! (okay, maybe your Mother In Law, but you catch my drift)
  8. Learn to accept rejection with grace instead of spite, it’s going to happen more than you’d like to admit.
  9. As hard as it might be sometimes, you can’t control everything and that is okay.
  10. Some days you check off every item on your to-do list and others you watch an entire season of your favorite show on Netflix. That’s what the kids call “balance” and you need it every once in a while.
  11. Sometimes the best memories aren’t captured on your phone and posted to social media. Relish in those moments. Take your internal photos. Engrain those into your brain & hold onto them. They usually make the best stories down the road.
  12. Even when you think you know how to figure something out, your parents will ALWAYS know a better way to do it. Take their advice & thank them. (Thanks Mom & Dad, you are truly the best)
  13. Find your creative outlet and run a freaking marathon with it.
  14. Travel. Travel. Travel. Exploring different cultures and meeting new people gives you a deeper and richer appreciation for life.
  15. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are a work in progress that is a day to day process. Enjoy the process instead of dreading it.
  16. Don’t leave anything important on your kitchen counter..your dog will get into it and destroy it. (Are you seeing a theme here? Duke is a troublemaker)
  17. Time alone is well spent.
  18. Reading is a must. Read something, anything, as often as possible. “Many people, myself among them, feel better at the mere sight of a book.” – Jane Smiley
  19. Your girlfriends will always be your girlfriends. No matter how much time has passed. And they WILL tell you if they like your outfit when you ask. That’s what I’m talkin’ about! #girlpower
  20. The world is changing and evolving. You better get on board because change stops for no one. Embracing change instead of challenging it makes life so much easier.
  21. Those under eye creams and face masks? Yeah…those are actually legit. Your skin will thank you later.
  22. You are human and always learning. Don’t let your mistakes rule your brain and body. Sh*t happens and you are definitely not the first person to ever make a mistake.
  23. Always offer a helping hand. Even if you kinda sorta regret it after offering, I promise you will be glad you offered when it’s all said and done.
  24. Throw one big party on your own-then go cry to your mom after about how much you appreciate her throwing you all those big parties over the years. Hosting can be a tough gig. (Thanks, again, Ma!)
  25. Just because you see someone do it on Instagram, doesn’t mean you have to do it, too. Or buy it. Or have it. Etc.
  26. Being in touch with your emotions is a strength, not a weakness.
  27. Accept age with grace. It’s a blessing to grow old, experience another year of life, and grow as a person.


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