Napa Valley Bike Tours: A Recap Of Our Day Exploring On Electric Bikes!



You guys, I don’t even know where to start when it comes to Napa Valley Bike Tours! Because of that, I decided to start with a HUGE picture recap of our day because sometimes words don’t do an experience justice! Napa Valley Bike Tours has numerous options for visitors when they come to Napa. Options vary from regular bike rentals, regular bike tours, electric bike rentals (which is what we did!), and electric bike tours! You can truly customize the experience that you want and tailor it to whatever you are wanting to accomplish while you’re in Napa Valley.


We decided that since the day before we were on a scheduled group tour, that we wanted this day to be more relaxed so we could go at our own pace! Plus, we are sort of little kids at heart, so give us an electric bike and that is enough entertainment for the day! Haha. We spent the first 15 minutes just having fun riding around. These electric bikes COOKED, too. So you better believe we had little races every chance we could!

We both had the electric cruiser, which I’m not sure what makes it different from the electric city bike, but either way it was great! So it had a little battery pack on the back and a pouch in the front. The front pouch was nice for maps, phones, keys, all the little things. On the website you can find all of the details with different bike types and the specifics of each bike.


Our hotel was right around the corner from their Downtown Napa store where we walked to pick up the bikes in the morning. We got our day started by hitting up the Oxbow Market for some breakfast fuel, then we were off to vineries and tasting rooms. You take a little cruise through town until you hit the Napa Valley Vine Trail, but it’s nothing too crazy or anything. Once you hit the Vine Trail, it’s pretty self explanatory and you pass by tons of vineyards. They provide you with a map and Noah was very helpful with giving us recommendations on where to stop! *Note: they also have a Downtown Yountville location, too!

Our first stop was a tasting at Laird Family Estate, which is super popular spot in Napa. We sat on the patio with beautiful weather (even with all of the unfortunate smoke) and enjoyed the view and wine. Then we headed to Yountville for some more tasting rooms. We sat at the bar looking out onto Downtown Yountville (which is like a scene out of movie-everything about this town is picture perfect!) sipped some wine and locked up our bikes right outside. Another stop at V Marketplace then off we went back to Downtown Napa to return the bikes.


Honestly, the day was exactly our speed and so perfectly us. We love goofing around, still being able to explore a handful of places, and enjoy each others company. We can’t say enough good things about Napa Valley Bike Tours and our experience with the electric bikes! This is such a great option, especially for guys, because it let’s everyone act like a little kid again but still be superrrr classy and drink wine. It’s truly a win win! Haha. Also, if you have ANY questions, the contacts at Napa Valley Bike Tours are so incredibly helpful! Any question I had was answered promptly along with guidance and help when picking up the bikes the day of.

If you are planning on visiting Napa Valley (Napa, Yountville, Calistoga, any of those areas) I highly suggest adding either electric bike rentals on your own or a bike tour to your schedule! You will not be disappointed.

I still have a full blown Napa Valley Travel Guide coming your way, so be sure to stay tuned! I wanted to first highlight our day with the electric bikes and our Napa Valley Wine Trolley experience because they were just THAT good! A great way to stay in the loop is to subscribe here so new posts are sent directly to your inbox! How easy is that?!

In case you missed my previous posts regarding Napa, you can find our Wine Trolley experience recap HERE and our time at the Andaz Napa HERE!

Until  next time!

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*Note: This post is sponsored by Napa Valley Bike Tours. Although our bike rentals were complimentary, all of my thoughts above are my 100% own. Thank you for making this incredible day possible! In addition, there are also affiliate links used above.


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