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Oh Sedona, you truly have my heart & we were so happy to spend our weekend relaxing at the Sedona Rouge Resort & Spa(check out their resort here!). Originally, we had only planned to go up to Sedona for a night then changed our minds! (Which I’m SO glad we did!) We made a full weekend out of it by heading up Friday after work and coming back Sunday late afternoon.

On average, we make a trip to Sedona about 3 times a year for Dennis’ family tradition. Normally those are day trips & it was a nice little change to extend our time there. If you haven’t ever been to Sedona, please please please add it to your bucket list! It should be one of the wonders of the world in my opinion! Haha. The red rock surrounding the city is breathtaking.

Sedona is a city that has something for every person. If you want to hike, you are surrounded by trails. Feeling like shopping for some incredible Native American jewelry, Highway 89 is lined with shops that have endless options to explore. If you’re craving some authentic Mexican food, take your pick. Or lastly, if you’re wanting a relaxing weekend of crisp weather and spa days, you surely can do that, too. Seriously, I’m not joking when I say it has it all for a solid getaway weekend!








Let’s get to my favorite part of our weekend: OUR HOTEL! The Sedona Rouge Resort & Spa

We had never stayed at the Sedona Rouge Resort & Spa before so we were really looking forward to it. Our first experience there was AMAZING! We arrived after sunset and so we saw the Sedona Rouge Resort & Spa all lit up for Christmas! I don’t normally use this word, but in this case it’s necessary, it was SO magical. I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning. They truly outdid themselves when it came to their decorations, lights, the trees, etc.

A tradition that Dennis grew up doing is now part of our travel tradition: ordering pizza when we get to a hotel late! Greatest tradition ever, right!? We arrived to the Sedona Rouge Resort & Spa around 8:00 PM Friday with just enough time to grab a drink at the bar right off of the lobby before heading up to our room for pizza.

One of my favorite amenities of the Sedona Resort & Spa was the texting feature. I know a handful of hotels have this feature now, but half the time when I would use the feature, the response would come 30 minutes later. However, in this case, the staff was totally on it when it came to responses! We were super impressed with how quickly questions were answered. From asking for refreshments to requesting a late check out, the responses were within minutes!

I’ve mentioned this before that I’m not a huge bath person…until I step into a hotel! Haha. In the bathroom sat a massive soaker tub that was simply calling my name from the second we walked in.

Side note: the Sedona Rouge Resort & Spa is pet friendly! Good to know for next time for sure. There is a row of rooms that look out onto an open grassy area with fire pits with huge sliding glass doors and big extended patios. It’s a perfect spot to take your pet out quickly then either enjoy a glass of wine by the fire pit or take a dip in their jacuzzi (which was right near our room we sadly forgot bathing suits though!)












We spent the majority of Saturday walking around the main drag (which is the 89 highway) popping into stores, grabbing lunch at 89AGAVE, and taking a little drive after through town. This was of course after we slept in way later than normal because the bed at the Sedona Rouge Resort & Spa was too dang comfy! Haha. Ps: highly recommend 89AGAVE for a solid lunch spot with really good drinks! After spending the day out and about, we came back and sat by the fire pits more before we headed to dinner at Reds.

REDS is the restaurant located in the Sedona Rouge Resort & Spa. We enjoyed a three course meal Saturday that was one of the best meals we’ve had in a while! Salmon for me per usual and chicken for Den. I highly recommend the onion ring tower for an appetizer as well! It was an added plus that they had Dennis’ favorite brand of wine available there to enjoy as well-yay!

After we had eaten our body weight in amazing food, we did a quick walk around the resort grounds and sat by the fire pits outside for another glass of wine. I can’t express enough how peaceful it was to just sit and relax by a warm fire with true winter weather with someone you love. You can’t ask for much more! The Sedona Rouge Resort & Spa honestly has the best outdoor patio space to cozy up next to!









Sunday morning was spent relaxing and sleeping in (again!) because we truly needed a weekend to unwind! Often times we are go-go-go so it’s nice to take a step back sometimes to spend quality time with each other! I honestly can’t say enough good things about the Sedona Rouge Resort & Spa after our weekend there!


  • Their outdoor space with the grassy, open area with direct views of the red rock mountains-we woke up with the best views.
  • I can’t say it enough times…THE FIRE PITS! So dang amazing.
  • Texting feature with such quick responses from the staff
  • A really good quality restaurant on site that is very reasonably priced for the amazing quality of food the menu has & the chef creates.

If you are looking for a great place to stay in Sedona, 10/10 would recommend booking your say with the Sedona Rouge Resort & Spa. You will not be disappointed!

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*NOTE: This post is sponsored by Sedona Rouge Resort & Spa. Huge thank you to the Sedona Rouge Resort & Spa for this partnership. Although our stay was complimentary, all of these thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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