Our night ice skating at Westgate Entertainment District

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One of the items on my Christmas Bucket List was to find a place to go ice skating. Luckily, we were able to go ice skating at Westgate Entertainment District in their outdoor ice rink! I completely forgot how hard ice skating was though! Haha. I went in a little too cocky and definitely was humbled when young kids were zooming past me. But it was still such a fun Christmas related activity to do for sure!

One of the best parts about ice skating at Westgate Entertainment District is their hours of operation. They open relatively early but stay open for skating until an average of 10 PM every night! (with the exception of some holidays) How great is that?! They create a schedule of operating hours that works for everyone I feel like so you don’t miss out due to scheduling issues.

Their courtyard where the outdoor ice rink sits is surrounded by Christmas spirit! With a massive decorated tree all lit up, lights around every tree throughout the shopping district, and Christmas music filling the air, how could you not be in the Christmas spirit!? It makes you feel like a giddy little kid all over again.

After spending some time skating and Dennis being the champ that he is (seriously, I don’t deserve that man, he is too good!), we grabbed a bite to eat and then got ready to head back home because we had some plans later on that night already scheduled. I was going to wait a few days to get this post together, but the pictures Den captured while ice skating at Westgate Entertainment District were too good I just couldn’t wait to share! plus there’s only a few weeks left until Christmas and I know this is a bucket list item for many, so I had to spread the word!

For those needing more information, you can find the hours of operation for ice skating at Westgate Entertainment District here, along with information about pricing and a site map that shows you where the rink is located!

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