How To Host A “Favorite Things” Party: The Perfect Holiday Party

I had actually never heard of a “favorite things” party before one of my best friends mentioned it to me saying that I should host one this year! Once she explained to me what it consisted of, I was sold! Below is a fun little recap of our girls night and some tips on how to host a “favorite things” party! It truly is the perfect holiday party! Well, any time of the year for the matter! It’s such a fun idea and us girls had the best time.




Everyone chooses their “favorite thing” (we went with under $10) and brings one gift for each person that will be at the party. That way, each party attendee walks away with the multiple little fun gifts and they are all the same! No white elephant games here, which I actually loved. (I’m not a huge fan of white elephant). Some times if the party group is a bit bigger, you bring 3-4 of the same item and then draw names for it! But since our girls night was smaller, we each brought 5 other gifts to give to each other!

I think it’s such a fun, cute way to get everyone together around the holidays and spread some fun holiday spirit! Each of our personalities are so different in our tight knit friend group and the gifts we each put together totally spoke to that. From cute pajamas, to scrunchies, to baking goodies, to face masks, we saw it all and LOVED each gift so much.

For example, I’m a face mask/eye mask junkie! So I put together a little gift of a gold under eye mask, a cute fuzzy headband to keep your hair back for either doing your make up or washing your face, and a sleeping mask. It’s something that I consider a “favorite thing” of mine that I wanted to share with my girlfriends. (I picked my gifts up from Ulta) Keep on reading below to check out how to host a “favorite things” party!



You can take it one or two routes. Since our group was smaller, I handled the food and drinks because it was definitely manageable! However, if you are looking at a bigger group of gals, have each one of them bring a dish and their favorite bottle of wine or whatever their favorite drink is! That way it takes a little bit of pressure off you as the host and everyone can have a little bit of everything.

I had a larger pasta dish (since we got together at an early dinner time) and a bunch of finger foods. Meats & cheeses, fruit, crackers, and desserts. Making sure the girls had a little bit of everything was key for me!

We snacked, drank, and caught up before we got into any gift exchanging! It’s so nice to get all of your closest girlfriends together to catch up and just have some solid girl time! Girlfriends are so dang important to have and I’m so lucky with the group I’ve got!

Since we all brought presents for each person, we started with one person bringing in their 5 gives and handing them out. Then moved onto the next girl once we opened the first round and so forth and so on. However, if you have a larger group where each person brought 3 gifts then throw names into bowl and have three pick for the first round. Then simply follow this until the presents are gone & everyone has picked a gift! Super easy peasy. Below are a handful of tips on how to host a “favorite things” party.



  • CANDLES! Candles make the world go round. Haha. Okay, maybe not but it sure does add such a fun vibe to your parties. I’ve been slowly accumulating fun candle stick holders and glass candle holders to whip out for get togethers.
  • Spice up a simple drink with seasonal extras. Example: a simple glass of champagne instantly became the epitome of Christmas once I dropped a few frozen cranberries in it & threw a stick of rosemary on top. Nothing crazy or expensive, just super festive
  • Goodie bags! This was actually the first time I had sent guests home with goodie bags but I saw these “seasons greetings” bags at Michaels and knew I had to use them in one way or another. I grabbed mini bottles of bubbly and made some peppermint macaroons to send the girls home with. You don’t have to make the goodies from scratch that you send home with them either! Pick up some cookies or something simply and throw it in the bag to send home with them.
  • A spread of food. I wanted to make sure the girls had something to eat when it came to appetizers, main course, and dessert. Adding variety keeps your guests satisfied and they can snack all throughout the party.
  • Table runners/Table Scape show up big time and are something pretty simple and easy to pick up. I picked up these two table runners to layer from Target. Even if I just stuck with that, it would have been festive enough with the red and white. Throwing the candle sticks, cake stands, and cheese boards/platters around the table runner added different dimensions, height, and ambiance.
  • Music! Whether its Apple Music, Spotify, the music channel on Cox, Pandora, etc. having music in the background is a must. I know it sounds like a given, but I actually forgot to turn on music as girls started to arrive and once I turned it on, it was a total different vibe and just overall WAY better!

That basically wraps it up! The best part about a “favorite things” party is that it isn’t tied specifically to the holidays. It lends itself to the holidays for sure, but it’s not limited to just that. This would be great for just a random girls night get together. All of us joked that we need host “favorite things” parties  more often because it was such a fun time!

I hope everyone is having an amazing time with friends and family around the holidays. It can be a busy season, but it’s so full of love and great memories that it makes the chaos ALL worth it! Just in case you are needing some ideas for last minute gifts, be sure to check out my gift guides for some inspiration. (They are below)

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As always, thank you for tuning in & I hope you enjoyed reading all about how to host a “favorite things” party today. Be sure to subscribe to stay in the loop, receive exclusive content, and never miss a beat!

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