Our Dinner Party With Scottsdale Farm Tables

Over this past weekend, Dennis and I had the pleasure of hosting a birthday dinner for my very best friend for her 27th birthday! We had 18 of her closest friends in our home and backyard for an Italian-style dinner party. Seriously, it turned out SO amazing. Mostly because of Scottsdale Farm Tables! If you are local to Arizona, do yourself a favor and look them up, follow them on Instagram, check out their website…do it all! They specialize in providing incredible farm tables for events big and small. Whether it’s an 18 person backyard dinner party or a huge wedding celebration, they’ve got enough farm tables to cater to your needs.


For our dinner party with Scottsdale Farm Tables, we went with two 10-foot farm tables with benches. (They have 8-foot tables available, too) Each table can seat about 12 guests so we went with two to be safe. How we ended up placing them together sat our group of 18 perfectly! That’s another thing I love about Scottsdale Farm Tables is how creative you can get with them. You can keep it classic style, throw two tables together like we did for a vibe of one big massive table, mix and match seating..it’s super fun!

Dennis and I were a little worried that we’d all be too cold out in the backyard. Lately, Arizona was getting some CRAZY cold weather just a few days prior…like 30-40 degrees cold at night! For us Arizonians, that is too. dang. cold. Luckily, the night wasn’t too cold! We managed to beat the rain for the most part then moved the party inside for the rest of the evening. With fires going and propane heaters set up, everyone was nice and cozy during dinner outside!

Can I just shout out Dennis for a second!? He had been sick for the past two-ish weeks and was finally starting to feel better. When it came to putting up lights and helping with everything, he was SO on it. Even though I’m sure he didn’t feel 100%. We had had this dinner planned for over a month and he just totally stepped it up. I’m dating up for sure!


Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about Scottsdale Farm Tables. The delivery was quick and easy so I could get to setting the perfect table scape. They picked up the tables the same night (and were flexible with the pick up time) and didn’t even make a peep when hauling out the tables. We were still all inside having a good old time! Haha.

You can find Scottsdale Farm Tables online at their website here. Also, they are on Instagram and you can find that here. Their Instagram feed is filled with the most beautiful tablescapes from different events and you will just DIE! They are so gorgeous. What is better than a grand, sturdy farmhouse table for your next event? Their Instagram feed is actually where I saw the picture that inspired me to want to push the two tables together!

A HUGE shoutout to Scottsdale Farm Tables for this amazing collaboration. As always, although this post is sponsored, the opinions are all my own! Be sure to check them out for the next event you plan on hosting or putting together. You will not be disappointed!

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  • theregularfolks January 12, 2019 Reply

    Such a beautiful tablescape! I love!

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