Nope! I work in real estate with my family’s company here in Tempe, Arizona. My dad is my boss but it’s actually the best job I’ve EVER had! Plus I get to bring my pup to my little office with me everyday. Even if my blogging career really took off, I’d always be involved in my family’s real estate business!

I went to Arizona State University for both undergrad and grad school. In undergrad, I majored in Design Management with a certificate (sort of like a minor) in event planning. For grad school, I got my masters in real estate development! Most of my post-undergrad career I have worked in real estate so this masters degree made sense & has been incredibly beneficial.

We met at work! I actually have a blog post coming soon where I’ll talk all about how we met and our cute little love story!

27! My birthday is November 1st. I’m a 100& a total scorpio baby!

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When it comes to taking my photos, there is one person who I can always count on & that’s Dennis! He is so amazing, supportive, and such a trooper when I’m always bugging him to take pictures! Haha. Seriously, he’s the best & is always down to be my photographer! When he is busy/isn’t available, I’ll sometimes use my tripod but that’s pretty rare!

I use Lightroom to edit all of my photos. I purchased Tessa’s preset package a while back and have been using them for a while now. I always end up tweaking things here and there on each of my photos though, but her presets are a really great start.

Currently, I use a Canon 80D (crop) but I’m making the switch to a Canon 6d Mark II soon. I shoot with a 50mm lens. I’m adding the 24-70mm lens to my inventory soon though-SO excited! I’ve heard great things.

Funny thing about this question is I have had several blogs over the years. My first blog was when I was in high school over 10 years ago! So it’s safe to say I’ve always had a love for blogging, writing, and expressing my creative side. I was on and off with blogging and never really kept with it over the years. Fast forward to March of 2018, I decided I really wanted to go for it full force. My love of travel is really what was the final push for me to create rearowles.com! Lastly, my creative side wasn’t being fulfilled. I felt there was a void there and diving into blogging, website design, photography, graphic design-all of those things that go with it-felt right when it came to filling that void!

I launched my blog in March of 2018. However, I was pretty low key with it & wasn’t creating as much content as I would have liked. I was getting my masters degree when I launched my blog-why didn’t anyone tell me that was a horrible idea when it came to time management!? Haha. So then in June/July of 2018 I began taking it more seriously, putting in more time, and overall taking it up a notch. & here I am!

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